When Annette Branting presented her first collection in 2000 she came forward with edgy, playful forms and colours that immediately bound attention. Since then, the brand has developed into a strong individual female line that sustains surprising variety.

Branting can be found foremost in Sweden and Norway but is also breaking new ground in England. The fabrics are selected from all over Europe and the garments are produced mainly in Lithuania and Estonia. Branting’s production is carefully selected in order to guarantee a strict non child labour and pro environment policy.“I make clothes for the strong individuals that women are today. All my collections mirror the many layers of a modern woman’s personalities, with a day line for the working girl – a soft, cosy line for when she’s at home – and a glamorous line for the night creature. Women’s nuances are infinite, isn’t that what makes us so fascinating?”

// Annette Branting, Chief designer