Welcome Popglas to Tres PR

We are happy to announce that Popglas has joined us at Tres PR!

Candy for new times

The ”Popglas” was as bold and colourful as it was radical, when introduced into the conservative art glass scene in of 1967. In New York, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein had astounded the art world, and headed by The Beatles and Mary Quant, London was in the midst of its swinging sixties.

It is against this backdrop that the young Swedish designer Gunnar Cyrén visits the public aquarium in Copenhagen to see fishes and find inspiration for new, unexpected colour combinations. “They´re attractive,” he says “but defy all the laws of colour theory”.

Good for wine, beer, cocktails or sodas, the versatile “Popglas” is carefully handcrafted with a clear bowl and foot, while the stem holds three opaque colours. All glasses are made in numbered editions and new colour combinations will be released in the years to come. (Text from website)