17 May, 2023

Welcome by Benson

We are so happy to announce that by Benson has joined us at Tres PR!  by Benson creates beautiful, stylish and functional products divided in two collections, Garden and Christmas. […]
10 May, 2023

Welcome Storängen Design

We are so happy to welcome Storängen Design to Tres PR!  Storängen Design collaborates with a network of established designers to develop a collection of furniture based on modern Scandinavian […]
10 May, 2023

Welcome Bylinen

We are so happy to welcome Bylinen to Tres PR! Bylinen was founded in 2019 by mother-daughter duo Helena and Maria with the vision to create elegant and modern linen […]
16 February, 2023

Carpe Diem Beds Press event

Last week we hosted a press event together with Carpe Diem Beds at Stockholm furniture fair that were a huge success!  We invited press to celebrate with Carpe Diem Beds […]
8 February, 2023

Klong Press event

Yesterday we hosted a press event together with Klong at Stockholm furniture fair that turned out so great! We invited press to take a look at some news, The Alba […]
8 February, 2023

Stolab Press event

Yesterday we hosted a very successful press event togheter with Stolab at Stockholm furniture fair. We invited press to celebrate a new color palette developed by Stolab in collaboration with […]
24 November, 2022

Welcome Stolab

We are so happy to announce that Stolab has joined us at Tres PR!  Stolab produce solid wood furniture with soul and character. Their furniture is modern yet timeless and […]
24 November, 2022

Welcome BERGO Lampskärmar

We are so happy to announce that BERGO Lampskärmar has joined us at Tres PR!  BERGO is creating and using textiles from the world’s leading manufacturers. As a customer, you […]
24 November, 2022

Welcome Rotordesign

We are so happy to announce that Rotordesign has joined us at Tres PR! Rotordesigns products are beautifully handcrafted and timeless with a modern design and function. Rotordesign appreciates stylish […]
24 November, 2022

Stolab Event

September 6th we hosted a successful breakfast together with Stolab at Bookbinders designs store to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Carl Malmstens design classic “Lilla Åland”. To celebrate this milestone […]
29 June, 2022

Fine Little Day Art Award

For the second year in a row, Fine Little Day has awarded an artist with their own Art Award. The 2022 prize was given to textile artist Emma Holmgren. With […]
29 June, 2022

Portugal 2022

In late may we went to Porto, Portugal for an inspiring press trip to learn all about cork with Amorim Cork and Wicanders. We visited their cork harvest and beautiful […]
4 May, 2022

Breakfast Event- Smart lighting with Ledvance

Yesterday morning we hosted a very successful event for Ledvance, focused on smart light in the smart home. The experts from Ledvance introduced us for the benefits of smart light […]
1 December, 2021

Welcome Greeningline

TresPr welcomes GreeninglineA line of sustainable hybrids for wellbeing, taking a more holistic approach to health with products that equates the wellbeing of people with the wellbeing of the planet.  Greeninglines […]
1 December, 2021

Tres PR welcomes Klint

Welcome Klint to Tres PR. Launched in April 2021, Swedish Klint provide everything you need to easily decorate your home with color! Avoid spillage, waste or sample jars with clever “test […]
1 December, 2021

Welcome LjungBYljung to Tres PR

TresPr welcomes LjungbyLjung Handmade ceramics is a slow and sustainable process. Creating an object from vision to finished product takes weeks, (and artisanal skills). From shaping the clay by hand it […]
10 November, 2021

Welcome Popglas to Tres PR

We are happy to announce that Popglas has joined us at Tres PR! Candy for new times The ”Popglas” was as bold and colourful as it was radical, when introduced […]
15 September, 2021

Welcome Soul Image to Tres PR

We are happy to announce that Soul Image has joined us at Tres PR! “Annika Olmås Nordström, Stylist &  Writer/Spiritual Inspirer  and Helén Karlsson, Photographer & Artistic Retoucher. We work closely […]
5 April, 2021

Welcome HärjedalsKök

We are happy to announce that HärjedalsKök has joined us at Tres PR! “There are many ways to renew the kitchen, but we dare say that our way is one […]
5 April, 2021

Welcome Spira of Sweden

We are happy to announce that Spira of Sweden has joined us at Tres PR! “Spira started with the desire to decorate with color, joy and attitude. Our idea is […]
3 May, 2017

Snart dags för pressvisning AW 2017

Den 17 maj är det pressvisning för AW 2017 hos oss på Tres PR, osa@trespr.se senast 8 maj. Välkomna!
1 February, 2017

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 7-11 februari

Pholc A03:28 Care of BKRD C04:43 Classic Collection C07:18
10 January, 2017

Tres PRs kunder på FORMEX 18-21 januari

Axlings Linne B08:20 Carina Björck A01:02 Classic Collection A07:20 Kryddlagret C04:21 PotteryJo B07:11 Sköna Ting C14:29 Stockholm-Tokyo B08:41 Sthål B09:01
16 December, 2016


Tack alla som kom till Julpressvisningen
22 August, 2016

Tres PRs kunder på FORMEX 24-27 augusti!

Axlings Linne B08:20 Brita Sweden B03:41 Carina Björck A01:02 Classic Collection A05:22 Claus Porto A27:18 Kobo A27:18 PotteryJo B07:11 Saga of Sweden C04:21 Sköna Ting C19:28 Smadi Design A01:19 S.O.O.P B14:03 The Spice Tree C04:21 […]
29 April, 2016


Tack alla ni som kom till pressvisningen av REVA HOME på NK Classic Home den 29 april.
27 April, 2016

Tack alla som kom på pressvisningen

Stort tack alla som kom till senaste pressvisningen AW 2016.
5 February, 2016

Varumärken på möbelmässan!

Bland utställarna på Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 9 -13 feb finns tre av TRES PRs kunder: A04:22 Maze C03:10 Pholc C07:18 Classic Collection
14 January, 2016

Varumärken i MOLN SCEN & CAFÉ på Formex:

Gunila Axéns berömda mönster Moln, fyller 50 år och hyllas i en utställning på Formex. Utställningen är skapad av Ann Charlotte Ridderstolpe och här finns många föremål från TRES PR:s varumärken. Bland de […]