4 December, 2019

Kandinsky – lamp of the year 2019

Lamp of the year 2019, Residence Magazine ”Broberg & Ridderstrale’s lamp globe Kandinsky is a frozen moment, a brilliant meeting between hand-blown glass and geometric precision.”
5 November, 2019

We welcome Grund Silver & Form to Tres PR!

26 August, 2019

Två hjärnor tänker bättre än en! Det tänker vi ta fasta på.

Hej!Mia & Ulrika här. Vi har något att berätta!För enmansbyråer som Tres Pr & Plodder PR blir samarbeten en viktig ingrediens för goda resultat och lustfyllt arbete. Tres PR & […]
20 August, 2019


19 August, 2019

We welcome Ledvance to Tres PR!

19 August, 2019

– Pressvisning JUL –

13 May, 2019

Pressvisning A/W 19

15 April, 2019

We welcome Kockums Jernverk to Tres PR!

4 February, 2019

Stockholm Furniture & Light fair

Meet our clients at Stockholm Furniture Fair: Classic Collection C06:39 Pholc A06:28
11 January, 2019


This is where to find our brands: Axlings Linne B05:21 ADD:WISE C02:21 BoxinBag B09:21 Craft Studio B02:20/B01:12 Sthål A02:11 Classic Collection A07:20 Gripsholm A06:14 Sköna Ting A14:37 Blossfeldt A14:37 Soulosofie A08:10
26 November, 2018

Till alla ni som röstade på oss!

Vi tog oss fram till en 3:e plats i kategorin “Grafisk identitet” stort tack till er som röstade!
19 November, 2018

Snart dags för pressvisning SS 2019

Den 21 November är det dags för pressvisning hos oss på TRES PR,  vi visar SS 2019. Välkomna!
20 August, 2018

Formex – find our brands

Between 21-24 of august the interior design fair Formex is happening in Stockholm, we will there with our clients! You can find them here… Add:wise – C02:21 Axlings Linne – […]
13 August, 2018

Latest news!

We welcome Smart Nature line to Tres PR. – An exciting and trendy collection of beautiful wood products.
5 July, 2018

Blossfeldt Fairs

21 May, 2018


We are thrilled to announce that these four brands have joined us at Tres PR! Craft Studio, Fine Little Day, By Mutti and Gripsholm
2 May, 2018

Exciting news!

We are happy to announce that we will soon be launching a collection of posters, cards and notebooks. This is a collaboration with Sköna ting and the late 20th-century photographer […]
16 April, 2018


We are delighted to announce that Phloc will be part of the exhibition ‘Hemma — stories of home’ at Milano design week. Via Eugunio Balzan 4 — Brera
5 February, 2018

Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

You will find Pholc in stand A03:28 and Classic Collection in stand C06:20.
15 January, 2018

Time for Formex 2018 – this is where to find our brands

In two days the big interior design fair Formex kicks off in Stockholm, and we will be there together with our clients! You can find them here… ADD:WISE – C02:21 […]
4 May, 2022

Breakfast Event- Smart lighting with Ledvance

Yesterday morning we hosted a very successful event for Ledvance, focused on smart light in the smart home. The experts from Ledvance introduced us for the benefits of smart light […]
1 December, 2021

Welcome Greeningline

TresPr welcomes GreeninglineA line of sustainable hybrids for wellbeing, taking a more holistic approach to health with products that equates the wellbeing of people with the wellbeing of the planet.  Greeninglines […]
1 December, 2021

Tres PR welcomes Klint

Welcome Klint to Tres PR. Launched in April 2021, Swedish Klint provide everything you need to easily decorate your home with color! Avoid spillage, waste or sample jars with clever “test […]
1 December, 2021

Welcome LjungBYljung to Tres PR

TresPr welcomes LjungbyLjung Handmade ceramics is a slow and sustainable process. Creating an object from vision to finished product takes weeks, (and artisanal skills). From shaping the clay by hand it […]
10 November, 2021

Welcome Popglas to Tres PR

We are happy to announce that Popglas has joined us at Tres PR! Candy for new times The ”Popglas” was as bold and colourful as it was radical, when introduced […]
15 September, 2021

Welcome Soul Image to Tres PR

We are happy to announce that Soul Image has joined us at Tres PR! “Annika Olmås Nordström, Stylist &  Writer/Spiritual Inspirer  and Helén Karlsson, Photographer & Artistic Retoucher. We work closely […]
5 April, 2021

Welcome HärjedalsKök

We are happy to announce that HärjedalsKök has joined us at Tres PR! “There are many ways to renew the kitchen, but we dare say that our way is one […]
5 April, 2021

Welcome Spira of Sweden

We are happy to announce that Spira of Sweden has joined us at Tres PR! “Spira started with the desire to decorate with color, joy and attitude. Our idea is […]
6 May, 2020

Welcome Lina Johansson

We are happy to announce that Design Lina Johansson has joined us at Tres PR! “I want people to use and enjoy my textiles – they’re not just decoration, they’re […]